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Commercial window cleaning

What message do you want to send to your customers and employees?

A simple and affordable window cleaning routine will give them the impression that you want. 

Guys With Squeegees Window Cleaning will work with you and your budget to make your windows look beautiful. A regular window cleaning maintenance program is beneficial to maintain the longevity and clarity of your windows. By allowing your exterior windows to remain dirty, you run the risk of hard water stains forming (HWS) which can result in costly cleaning. Debris on the glass may cause pits or scratches that might permanently damage the window.

Unlike most window washers, we do not use window cleaning poles to clean the glass. Using a pole to clean maybe much faster but many times you will see drips and streaks on the window. We feel that this looks bad and would not want to leave the windows looking like that. Although more time is involved in using ladders, we leave knowing that the windows look great.

Please contact us today for a Free consultation and window cleaning estimate. We will discuss your needs and frequency of cleaning your windows and leave you with different pricing option