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How often should I clean my windows?
A regular window cleaning routine (every 4-6 months or max 1 year) is suggested. In Colorado, we experience harsh weather that can leave dirt and debris on your windows. Regular window washing care will result in windows that are cleaner, take less time to clean, and glass that is likely to last longer than if the windows were cleaned on an irregular basis. Many stains, including water stains etc, that could have been taken care of sooner may progress to the point of costly cleaning. In addition, regular interior window cleaning will cut down on dust and allergy causing pollutants in your home.  

Do you have business insurance?
Yes. You are more than welcome to request a copy of our liabilty insurance before we start any window cleaning service.

What should I do in preparation of getting my windows cleaned?
Although we are very careful in your home, we ask that you remove any breakables, knick-knacks or plants from around the window. Please find a safe spot for your pet so that they do not run into our ladders or escape through an open door or window. If you are only having your exterior windows cleaned please be sure to have all your windows closed.

How long will it take to clean my windows?
Typically a full service window cleaning in a two story home will take 2-3 hours. A better estimate of time can be given after a description of your house.

Why do my windows still look foggy even after cleaning?
This is because you have a broken seal in your double pane glass. A broken seal allows moisture to form inside the glass, thus making your windows look foggy.

I have window film on my glass, Does that effect the cleaning?
No. We will see the film on the glass and understand that it can scratch easily. We will not use any abrasive scrubbers or scrapers to clean the glass.

What happens if it is raining on the day I'm getting my windows cleaned?
In the case of a major rain storm we will have to reschedule. Light rain has little to no effect on the cleaning process.

What if it rains after I get my windows cleaned?
Since all the dirt that was once on the window is gone, rain drops have nothing to cling to, thus rain has little to no affect on clean windows. We're sure you would agree that the reason you have your windows cleaned in the first place would be because of attached dirt, pollutants, insect or bird stains or other longer term moisture presence. It takes time for moisture to affect the clarity of glass.  The window cleaning solutions allow for the rain to bead right off your glass.

What sort of products or window cleaning chemicals do you use? 

We use only products designed to clean windows or screens. They are harmless and cause no damage to humans, animals, plants or furnishings. In the case of using chemicals for removing hard water, grease or other debris, a drop cloth, gloves and towels are used to ensure no additional exposure.

Do you work on the weekends?
We try to set aside the weekends for our family. In some instances we may schedule on a Saturday.
What is the earliest or latest in the day I can schedule an appointment?
We typically try to schedule appointments for window cleaning as early as we can for spring and summer months usually 7-9am or 11-2, and either 9 -10am or 12-1pm for fall and winter months. Depending on the size of your home we schedule jobs so we can be done by 5pm.
How many employees do you have?
We do not employ anyone year round. During our busy months we work with 2-4 reliable, experienced and insured window cleaning contractors.
How many people will come to my house to clean?
In most cases only two. Depending on the size of the home or office we could have up to five.
Can we trust your cleaners?
We would never send anyone to your home that we wouldn't allow in our home. Safety and security is very important to us. If for a moment you do not feel comfortable, please call our office and we will make sure your concerns are addressed.
Are your window cleaners experienced?
Yes. On every job the owner or his main cleaner with 6 years experience will be there. At times we may have a helper that is carefully supervised.
Can you provide a window cleaning estimate over the phone or through email?
Yes we can. To aid us in the estimate, please have in mind how many panes of glass, not just the number of windows you are looking to have cleaned. (Some "windows" have 2-5 panes of glass.) Also, please provide the number of sreens and other services you may be interested in. You may also text us pictures of your home or office.
How long is an estimate valid for?
Typically an estimate is good for 90 days. 
What is your cancellation policy?
If you find you have to cancel, we ask that you notfiy us soon as possilble. Cancellations must be made over the phone. There is no charge to cancel. 
How does payment work?
On smaller projects we collect payment upon completion of the job. On larger projects or long distant projects we may request payment in full or a 50% deposit.
What method of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.
Will you contact me and remind me to have my windows cleaned?
We try to keep in contact with our clients via email, phone or letter every six months.
Should I tip my window cleaner?
Tipping is never required, but is greatly appreciated. If you decide to add a tip through check or credit card, please make a note on the check or to your cleaner.

If you didn't see the answer to your window cleaning question here, you may submit a window cleaning question via our contact form and it may be included in the frequestly asked questions page. Please remember that only questions that directly pertain to window cleaning, window washing services or our business procedure will be included.