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  • Paint overspray on windows
  • Over 2 years since last clean
  • Windows not properly sealed

What is Pure Water Cleaning?

You would agree that the water we drink has chemicals in it to make it drinkable, and all water has a certain level of hardness. It is these 2 factors that create water deposits or a film on your windows, even sometimes after cleaning them. By using a Pure Water Cleaning System,  the water is run through a system of 3 filters and a deionizer before it is used to clean your windows. The water is then pumped through a small hose and a soft bristle brush to scrub the window and frame. After the window is clean, it is rinsed again with the pure water, leaving it spotless and beautiful. Many have been trained that using chemicals is necessary to get something clean, but they have never experienced the power of pure water and it’s cleaning ability.

Pure Water vs.  Soap

With  Pure Water, there are no chemicals or detergents being used.  You might already know that pure water is the most powerful way to clean. While window cleaning soap is still an excellent way to clean, at times soap residue may cause dust to stick to the window. Pure water cleaning leaves no residue making the surface perfectly clean.

Is Pure Water cleaning right for you?

Yes and maybe no. See what category your windows fit in. Let's make the NO a YES!


  • French Panes
  • High Windows
  • Regularly Cleaned ( 1x per yr. min.)
  • Landscape or other obstacles below windows
  • Concern over Saftey

 If you are new client we will make a determination before we begin if your home or office will be a right for pure water cleaning.

Pure Water Cleaning