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Residential Window cleaning

You like many others have dirty windows. Cleaning them yourself maybe a thought but cleaning your windows can be tedious, time-consuming, frustrating and often times dangerous. 
You no doubt take pride in your home and because of certain concerns, many homeowners have never experienced having their windows professionally cleaned. Let Guys With Squeegees Window Cleaning show you what many have been missing out on.

We have a variety of residential window cleaning services that we offer. Below you will find our services and our general procedures. 

  • Interior Window Cleaning 
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Screen Cleaning
  • Track Cleaning
  • Frame Cleaning
  • Mirrors
  • Light Fixtures
  • Chandeliers
  • Fan Blades
  • Screen Repair

Interior Window Cleaning

We will treat your home better than we treat ours. In the case we need to bring ladders into your home utmost care is given. All of our extension ladders are equipped with rubber guards both on the feet and on the stand-off portion of the ladder. We have step ladders that are only for indoor use.  In any case, we have the right equipment to clean your interior windows and care for your home and furnishings. We will ask if you want us to wear shoe covers.  Any excess water is wiped and dried off from the sills and frames. By taking the necessary time, we know you will feel comfortable with us in your home. 

Exterior Window Cleaning

While cleaning the exterior windows, the same level of care is given to your home. Special attention is given to your landscape when placing our ladders or walking in your yard. Our ladders are equipped with leg levelers and stand-offs for our safety and the protection of your property. Special cleaning is often used when cleaning the exterior windows. Because the exterior windows often are dirtier than the interior, we will either use steel wool or a non-scratching blade along with our cleaning solution to remove such debris. All windows are done by hand and not with a window cleaning pole.

Screen Cleaning 

The way a screen will look after cleaning really depends on their age, exposure to weather or their location. If a screen has never been cleaned and is on the outside of your house for more than 5 years it is very difficult to make them look clean. A determination in the best method to clean your screens will be made before cleaning. When the screens are in the interior of the house, usually they are just dusty with a few cob-webs. Cleaning for these screens is generally done with a dry brush or rag. When screens are on the exterior, in most cases it is better to clean the screens with a screen cleaning solution and water.

Track and Frame Cleaning

As part of our full-service window cleaning, we clean out the tracks and wipe down all the frames. Why is this [Clean Track]  necessary? When you open your windows or pull off your screen you will notice dirt and bugs have settled nicely into the tracks. That has got to go. By using a small cordless vacuum or spray bottle we try our best to remove the dirt in all the tracks. 

The window frames on the outside usually have a lot of dirt, cobwebs and other debris on them. If they are not wiped down while cleaning the windows, the first rain storm will drip dirt onto the clean windows.